Hello and welcome!! 

My name is ShaneO, the owner here at ShaneOPhoto
I'm delighted to have a variety of places to show you my photography on the web and social media!   Be sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

My style is challenging to define! People regularly ask me about what I most enjoy photographing.  I love shooting in both Vibrant Color and Black and White.

I try to capture things in a way that is more Quirky so that my viewers have something more interesting than a run-of-the-mill Instagram photo or just another Facebook post.

I want my images to stop people and engage them.  I want them to comment, tell a story, or even just introduce themselves. To intrigue them so much that they want my images on their own walls!

I enjoy many kinds of photography! My specialties are Body Paint/Special Effects Makeup, Editorial Fashion, Film, Events, Head Shots, Product, Time Lapse, and Travel.

I am currently accepting commissions and jobs for hire. Get in touch, and let me know your project and your budget before my schedule fills up!

Need a professional photographer for your next project?

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