Happy Halloween, and Welcome to the New ShaneOphoto!

What better day to launch the new design of my web page than Halloween? With this relaunch comes the announcement that as of today I have officially dove back into the photo business. It has been roughly a year and a half since I have pursued my passion of photography, and now I am coming back bigger and better than ever! In celebration of this momentous day I had the pleasure of meeting and working with aspiring model Carrine who kindly rescued me at the last moment from a cancellation. I highly recommend Corrine if you are seeking a model  in the Colorado area with less than an hour notice, she showed up on time to the shoot, and was a blast to work with!  My Makeup Artist (MUA) for today’s shoot was Kate Red Gibson, who as always does a stellar job and has great fun at every shoot and provides an incredible energy to the day!

Please stay Tuned as I will be adding a new blog every 3 days or so, ranging from photography  how to information, to photo history, to fresh new photoshoots. As in years past I have ask you to share my posts and web page on Social Media. This year is no different, please share often and persuade your friends to follow suit as well! I have placed what may seem like a stretch for a goal, but 6 months from now, my goal is to have 300,000 active subscribers to my site.  I am glad you are here, I can’t wait for what is coming!!!







ShaneO is a photographer and vlogger living in the sunny front range of Denver, Colorado. His passions include fine rum, fine women, and chicken wings.

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