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Since launched back in 2007 I have had a lot of fantastic photo shoots, and worked with some unforgettable people. When I decided it was time to do this re-boot I considered putting up all of the past shoots as blog posts again. After some careful consideration, I decided to do this tribute to 10 of my all time favorite memories


I am going to begin with one of the best human beings I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Mr. Malachi (SolomusiQ) Clark. Not only could this guy model, he would always show up at least 15 min early. He puts 110% of his passion into every moment of not only the photo shoots, but his music, his family, friends and everyone he thought he could change the life of. Malachi would often be a voice of support on the other end of the phone for me as I made my way through some of more of the frustrating moments of college. The image I featured was done at The Denver Convention Center While vibrant color is usually my strong point, I always loved the contrast and feeling of this image. It was difficult picking just one image as over the years Malachi and I made 100’s of fantastic images.


I do events all the time, but one that sticks out every time I think back to my favorites is a 1920’s Circus shoot. Several of my friends were involved in creating a music video titled Mr. Peabody’s Three Ring Spectacular and I got a call to come shoot images on set. My original plan was to just photograph whatever was going on, but the opportunity for me to set up studio on set presented itself, so naturally I seized it. There were so many fantastic images from this shoot, but I chose one that spotlighted my friend Kitty Krell. Whether she is designing clothing, modeling, or acting, she never ceases to impress me with her amazing talent.


I somehow always have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Through this I met Artist Mythica Von Griffyn. You may recognize that name from Game Show Network’s hit show “Skin Wars.” Shortly after I met Mythica, we realized that she needed a photographer to capture her amazing body paintings as well as a place to paint models. Like most artists she didn’t have a dime to her name. She had the talent, I had a place, and I needed images, and like her, I had no budget. From that point on I have had the pleasure of creating some breath taking images of Mythicas work. The image of Wonder Woman is hands down my favorite piece that we created. Our stunning model is DJ Jovanovic.

crawlAround Halloween every year the dead and Umbrella Corp fill the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver Colorado. This is the home of one of the nations largest Zombie Crawls. I not only go to take advantage of the 1000’s of photo opportunities, I also get my Zombie attire and makeup on and participate as well! This year will mark my 5th consecutive year of attending and photographing this event. This is one of my favorite images that I have captured at the crawl over the years. I do not know the person in the image, but she definitely did a stellar job on her costume and makeup. I am looking forward to this years. Don’t worry I will definitely post all of the images from the event right here.

SexyZombieSantaWhile we are on the subject of Zombies, a shoot that I created involving my love of Zombies and Fashion Photography is my yearly Sexy Zombie Santa shoot. Christmas was coming and I needed to shoot something to add to my blog. Christmas is not one of my favorite holidays, so I didn’t want to just go photograph Christmas lights, carolers, or nativity scenes. I was having a conversation with a few friends bouncing around ideas, when I made the comment why can’t Christmas just be more like Halloween! At that moment Sexy Zombie Santa was created. I gathered a team and we constructed five store fronts which we have titled Dead City. This image features a model that I love to work with, Monica Lewin.


Winter is probably one of my least favorite times to do photography outside. Once in awhile, however, I can be convinced. This image was shot in Breckinridge Colorado at the Ice castles. Also, this model is one of my best friends on the planet Mandie Reese, so there was no way I was passing on this opportunity! If you ever have a chance to go see the Ice Castles for yourself, do! They are absolutely breath taking! This entry is a 2 for 1, because Mandie has been a major influence on my work since we met. She is one of the friends I could call with random concepts, and she would always be right there to test model for me. Unfortunately, now she lives half way across the nation, and I am yet to find someone as accessible as she was.

The other winter shoot I chose to do was a Cos Play Shoot at Bishops Castle in Rye Colorado. To date this was one of the most eclectic yet beautiful locations I have ever had the pleasure to shoot in! Though it wasn’t much above 32 degrees that day a hand full of photographers and several models gathered. We had everything from Kings and Queens to Thor portrayed in this image by Timothy Martin. It was a blast and we all captured some phenomenal pictures. Bishops Castle is currently going through some difficulties as its creator Jim Bishop is in poor health, and its very existence is in danger. If all goes well however, this fantastic landmark will remain open to the public. If you haven’t got to see this magnificent piece of architecture, you should make time to check it out asap!

ShelbyPlanetFinSometimes you find the most fun models in the most unexpected places. I am originally from Hays Kansas, and once in awhile I go home to spend time with family and old friends. On one trip I met Shelby Dalton bartending at one of the local bars. As we spent that entire night talking she expressed interest in modeling. I happened to have my studio with me, and we shot that next day. Now, every time I go home for longer than a day or two we come up with something to shoot. Sometimes we take motor cycles into local bars, other times we shoot on seamless, I have even brought Mythica. No matter what, we always have a great time shooting together, and I can never wait to go back home to work with her.
VegasThe Vegas Face Paint and Body Art Convention is such an awesome time! Ith all of the Amazing Models, and Amazing Artists it truly is all up beat all the time. They may call Vegas Sin City, but when a large number of body painters are in town it quickly turns into the City that Never Sleeps! We shoot between classes, at body jams, and we even do gorilla shoots around Vegas I have never even in my wildest dreams come up with some of the gorgeous pieces of art that this convention produces. This Body Art convention has given me the opportunity to photograph the work of internationally famous artists such as Dutch Bihary, Jay Batista, Mark Reed, Mythica Von Griffyn, and The Wolf Brothers. I am hoping one day soon I can return to photograph this again!

TeresaThis being my 10th entry I have saved my favorite for last! My friend Emily (now Indie) and I collaborated to create the Lady Gaga Shoot. This shoot was so much fun! I built 3 sets, my favorite being a record wall. We had about a half dozen models all portraying their favorite Lady Gaga look, 3 photographers, a couple makeup artists, and stereos blasting Lady Gaga tunes. The shoot really felt like a party! I’m hoping to soon rebuild some music themed sets and do a shoot titled Women of Pop. I am also bouncing around the idea of doing a Cross Play shoot titled Michael. This was another shoot that was difficult to choose just one image I felt that Teresa pulled off Gaga the best that day earning her a spot in the top 10.

I am very excited about this Re-boot! I can not wait to create new photo shoots with some new amazing models, as well as with my favorite models from the past! I will soon be networking, attending international marketing events and shooting internationally as well. I’m excited to welcome new followers, and welcome back the foundation of followers that built shaneOphoto in the first place. I’m confident that if you liked these past images, you are definitely going to love what is about to come. Please tune in regularly, I plan to do one blog post a week as I get started, then I will increase gradually until I get to a point where I can make an entry every day. I will be adding galleries of course, but in addition I plan to also review the latest photo equipment, spotlight great photographers of the past, spotlight fantastic models, MUA’s, Stylists, etc. that I work with, and much more. As always if you like what you see here please share it to your social media or back link me on your own blog. I don’t know everyone in the world yet, but through you sharing my work, my articles, and my page one by one I will get one step closer to that mark. Thank you for reading I look forward to seeing you again next week!

Shane O.



ShaneO is a photographer and vlogger living in the sunny front range of Denver, Colorado. His passions include fine rum, fine women, and chicken wings.

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